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Health Care Meltdown

Health Care Meltdown

Confronting The Myths and Fixing Our Failing System

By Robert H. LeBow, MD and C. Rocky White, MD

Almost five years after the original publication of Dr. Lebow's authoritative dissection of America's health care system, the situation has in many ways deteriorated. More Americans lack any health insurance, costs continue to increase faster than income, and increasing complexity is overwhelming everyone involved.

In revising this book, Dr. C. Rocky White has included recent developments in the field, and updated the relevant statistics. The bibliography has been expanded to include recently published articles, books and givernment documents. For the most part, however, Dr. LeBow's text has proved to be as timely now as it was upon initial publication in 2002.

“A necessary acquisition for all libraries.”

—Starred review, Library Journal

“A timely book for the present and future problems facing the health care system in the US... Recommended.”

—Choice, a publication of the American Library Association

2007; Alan C. Hood & Company, Inc.; 6"x 9"; 304 pages; Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-911469-30-1

Price: $15.00

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