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Open-Hearth Cookbook, The

Open-Hearth Cookbook, The

Recapturing the Flavor of Early America

By Suzanne Goldenson and Doris Simpson

"Food cooked in the fireplace tastes better than food cooked in most conventional methods today," say the authors and this book shows how twenty-first century folks can enjoy hearth-cooked meals today. Surprisingly few pieces of special equipment are needed, especially for camping families. The authors emphasize the appliances and techniques that make open-hearth cooking realistic in today's homes where the fireplace is not in the kitchen.

The authors explain the art of building a good cooking fire and maintaining the three basic temperatures - low, medium and high - needed to prepare almost all foods, and suggest ways to keep the hearth clean and the cook safe. Each chapter on technique tells how things were done in the old days, and then goes on to demonstrate techniques for today. The authors have added substantial new material since original publication in 1982, and completely updated the resources section of the book.

Suzanne Goldenson and her husband are serious cooks and collectors of early American cooking implements. Doris Simpson is co-owner of a restaurant and once helped cook a Thanksgiving dinner over an open hearth for Craig Claiborne.

“Now in a revised edition with substantial new information since its initial publication in 1982, The Open-Hearth Cookbook is a guidebook to the classic art of cooking food in a fireplace. Chapters discuss at length how to keep the hearth clean and the cook safe, demonstrating effective techniques used in centuries past as well as today. Restaurant critic Suzanne Goldenson and former chef Doris Simpson combine their talents in relating techniques for open-hearth baking, roasting, boiling, and frying, sample recipes including soups, main dishes, scones and cakes, strategies for preparing a fireplace feast, and more. Black-and-white illustrations and a list of resources round out this superb guidebook for the adventurous chef.”

—Michael Dunford, The Midwest Book Review

2005; Alan C. Hood & Company, Inc.; 6"x 9"; 192 pages; Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-911469-26-4

Price: $15.00

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