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True Story of Saint Nicholas, The

True Story of Saint Nicholas, The

By Rebecca Benson Haskell
Illustrated by Elizabeth Durham Goodhue

Santa Claus is real.

His name comes from the Dutch colloquial Sinterklaas, a short way of saying Sint Nicolaas. This charming book, ideal for under the Christmas tree, is the result of the effort of a great-grandmother from Marblehead, Massachusetts to tell her family about the real Santa Claus, a Christian saint born around 260 AD, known to us as St. Nicholas. His way of giving anonymously became the foundation for today's Christmas Eve visitor, filling the stockings of expectant children.

Mrs. Haskell felt it was important for her family to understand the real person behind today's distorted conception. St. Nicholas was not the creation of a cabal of department store merchandisers, or Madison Avenue advertising agencies; he was an important figure in the early Church, and a participant in the Council of Nicaea.

Royalties from this book, published so that other families can pass along the true background of our favorite Christmas tradition, will go to Mrs. Haskell's home church in Salem, Massachusetts.

This book offers families a way to add an element of authenticity to their Christmas celebration, and help their children understand what Christmas is really all about.

2006; Alan C. Hood & Company, Inc.; 5.5"x 8.5"; 32 pages; Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-911469-29-5

Price: $16.00

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