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Woodburners Companion, 3rd Edition

Woodburners Companion, 3rd Edition

Practical Ways of Heating with Wood

By Dirk Thomas

With fuel prices still going higher, more people than ever are looking at alternative ways to stay warm. This third edition of Dirk Thomas's popular and authoritative guide adds a section on getting started with wood heat. In addition there is a new "FAQ" section where frequently asked questions are answered.

Thousands have benefited from reading The Woodburner's Companion, first published in 2000, revised in 2004 and now even better in its third edition. You can stay warm without going broke, and as an added benefit, you can weather a mid-winter power outage in style!

“Authored by veteran New England woodburner and chimney sweep Dirk Thomas, who's also done his time as a commercial woodcutter and logger. The Woodburner's Companion is an excellent overview of residential woodburning strategies.”

—Back Home Magazine

“You will be helped by this book to burn wood economically, efficiently and, most important, safely. ”

—from the Foreword by Castle Freeman, Contributing Editor, The Old Farmer's Almanac

2006; Alan C. Hood & Company, Inc.; 6"x 9"; 176 pages Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-911469-28-8

Price: $16.50

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