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About Us

Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc. began publishing books in 1982 while Mr. Hood was handling sales and marketing for The Countryman Press in Woodstock, Vermont. The firm moved to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in 1995. As of January 2014, Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc. and its companion publisher, The Chesapeake Book Company, are distributed through National Book Network, Lanham MD.

Mr. Hood is the third generation of the Hood family in the book business. His grandfather began his lifelong career in the Baker & Taylor Company in 1893, and his father worked at B & T throughout his career until his retirement in 1966. Mr. Hood worked in the stockroom of B & T as a summer job in 1956, so he marks 2006 as his fiftieth year in the business, not counting the interruptions of education and service in the US Army.

After graduating from Williams College in 1962, Mr. Hood began working for G. P. Putnam's Sons in New York as a salesman. He credits his years at the David McKay Co. (now part of Random House) in New York during the 1970s as providing his training in all aspects of publishing and distribution, and he was Vice-President, Sales, when he left the firm.

Mr. Hood believes that traditional books are here to stay and will not be supplanted by any developments in the world of electronic communications. If all we had were computers and the internet, and then the printing press was invented, the computer people would have to adjust to the reality of printing ink on paper, its cost-effectiveness, and its obvious necessity for any long-term archival purposes.

The publishing program of Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc. reflects Mr. Hood's interest in history, rural concerns, and a sustainable way of life.

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