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Historical Dictionaries of Sports
There is a lot to like about Scarecrow's various Historical Dictionaries series. -Booklist Historical Dictionaries of Sports is a new series for the historical dictionaries, the first titles appearing in late 2010. Among them are Basketball, Golf and Swimming, and they continue to be joined by dictionaries on a dozen more major sports. Included here is also the next edition of the Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement. Like other books in the various series, they are written by specialists with a particularly good knowledge of the sport and often a passion for it. Many have also been practitioners, either as amateurs or semi-professionals. The core of these books as per usual is the dictionary with several hundred entries on sportsmen and women, coaches and trainers, major teams and clubs, stadiums and courses, and some of the technical aspects and terminology of the sport. This is surrounded, up front, by a list of acronyms, chronology and introduction, and in the back, by a bibliography and appendixes. In this series the appendices are particularly important, listing among other things winners of major competitions, hall of fame members, and useful statistics.

Editor(s): Jon Woronoff