Race and Education in the Twenty-First Century | Rowman & Littlefield
Race and Education in the Twenty-First Century
This series asks authors and editors to consider the role of race and education, addressing questions such as “how do communities and educators alike take on issues of race in meaningful and authentic ways?” and “how can education work to disrupt, resolve, and otherwise transform current racial realities?” The series pays close attention to the intersections of difference, recognizing that isolated conversations about race eclipse the dynamic nature of identity development that play out for race as it intersects with gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and ability. It welcomes perspectives from across the entire spectrum of education from Pre-K through advanced graduate studies, and it invites work from a variety of disciplines, including counseling, psychology, higher education, curriculum theory, curriculum and instruction, and special education.

Editor(s): Kenneth Fasching-Varner (varner@lsu.edu), Lori Latrice Martin (lorim@lsu.edu), and Roland Mitchell (rwmitch@lsu.edu)
Staff editorial contact: Holly Buchanan (hbuchanan@rowman.com)