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Feminist Studies on Peace, Justice, and Violence
This series provides a forum for the expanding feminist scholarship on questions of justice, peace and violence, beyond the war/peace dichotomy. As such, our series integrates and pushes forward existing feminist contributions to the field of peace research, thus reinvigorating the transdisciplinary traditions of both peace research and feminism. We publish monographs and carefully edited volumes that utilise feminist critical methodologies to shed light on gendered and sexualized violence and injustice in different empirical contexts, with the explicit normative aim of finding ways to lessen the violence and increase justice in the world. Feminists with interests in the study of direct violence (e.g. feminist security studies, feminist work on interpersonal violence), structural violence (e.g. racism and anti-racism, migration and mobility, care, and global health), epistemic peace and justice (e.g., feminist postcolonial/decolonial and indigenous approaches to peacebuilding, intersectional and transnational analyses of justice, activist/scholar methodologies, feminist approaches to mediation and conflict transformation) will find an intellectual home in a transdisciplinary series with broad normative dimensions — the feminist-informed inquiry into possibilities for a more just and peaceful world.

Editor(s): Tiina Vaittinen; Shweta Singh; Catia C. Confortini
Staff editorial contact: Michael Kerns (mkerns@rowman.com)