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Key Issues in Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethics, Politics and Policy
The book series Issues of Climate Change: Ethics, Politics and Policy provides quality, research-based monographies that address specific issues raised by climate change (e.g. immigration, geoengineering, corporate social responsibility). The series will offer books that provide an encompassing view of a given issue with a content that is accessible to a broad audience (students, lecturers, researchers, policy makers, citizens). Ultimately, the series will provide the knowledge and conceptual tools for nurturing debates and the search for solutions in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as for issues that emerge as a consequence (e.g. migration). In short, the book series will create a forum for discussing concrete steps and potential consequences of living in a more uncertain world due to climate change.

We welcome proposals on the following topics/areas:
  • Climate Justice
  • Adaptation, Mitigation and Climate Change Policy
  • Climate Change and Moral Disagreement
  • Engineering and Governing the Climate
  • Migration Policies and Climate refugees
  • Energy Policies, Renewables, Nuclear Energy
  • Climate/Green Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Right to Development and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Global Justice and International Relations
  • Population, Climate and Future Generations, including population control policies
  • International Trade and Climate Change
  • Consumption Policy and Climate Change.
  • Potential of Climate Change on Democratic Institutions
  • Climate Activism and its Impact on Domestic and International Politics
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Happiness and Climate Change

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