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Peace and Security in the 21st Century
Charles Hauss' series, "Peace and Security in the 21st Century," aims to make sense of the changing world of peace and security by publishing books that investigate security issues and peace efforts that involve cooperation at several levels of society. By looking at how security and peace interrelate at various stages of conflict, the series explores new ideas for a fast changing world that will seek to redefine and rethink what peace and security mean in the first decades of the century. Until recently, security was defined mostly in geopolitical terms with the assumption that it could only be achieved through at least the threat of military force. Today, however, people from as different backgrounds as planners in the Pentagon and veteran peace activists think in terms of human or global security, where no one is secure unless everyone is secure in all areas of their lives. This means that it is impossible nowadays to separate issues of war and peace, the environment, sustainability, identity, global health, etc. Although they will cover a variety of topics, the books will focus on the overarching theme that students, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers have to find new models and theories to account for, diagnose, and respond to the difficulties of a more complex world

Editor(s): Charles Hauss, Alliance for Peacebuilding
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